Job vacancy – Orangutan Rehabilitation & Reintroduction Project Manager

Yayasan Inisiasi Alam Rehabilitasi Indonesia (Yayasan IAR Indonesia/YIARI) is a non-profit organisation with a focus on the rescue, rehabilitation and conservation of wildlife. Yayasan IAR Indonesia rescues and rehabilitates orangutans, macaques and slow lorises with the aim to prepare these animals for release back into their natural habitat. Yayasan IAR Indonesia also engages in education and awareness programmes that convey messages to the public to treat all animals with compassion and care.

We are currently seeking for a highly motivated and dynamic individual to fill a vacant position as Orangutan Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Project Manager. The selected candidate will be based at our Centre for Rescue and Conservation of Orangutan in Ketapang, West Kalimantan with frequent field site visits to our two field stations: Gunung Tarak (Ketapang) and one in Bukit Baka Bukit Raya (Sintang). The Gunung Tarak Field site has operational for 16 months, the Bukit Baka Bukita Raya is still in the planning phase. Long hours of travel are part of the job.

This position is a full time Management position at the Senior Management Team (SMT) Level based in the Ketapang project of YIARI in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, requiring time at the reintroduction field station, with travels to meetings in Bogor, Jakarta or Pontianak, and field trips within Kalimantan.

Responsible and reporting to: Programme Director and Chairperson of YIARI
Communicating and coordinating with: Operation Manager and Orangutan Conservation Programme Manager at YIARI Ketapang Programme
Responsible for: Supervisor and Coordinators and site staff for the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Project, including assistant coordinators, laborers, and temporary local contractors

Duties and Responsibilities:
Under the overall supervision and guidance of the Programme Director and the Chairman of the Yayasan, this Programme Manager is responsible for the management, oversight and implementation of the YIARI Orangutan Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Programme in Ketapang.
The following is an indicative list of main duties and responsibilities:

General Requirement:
• At least one year professional work experience in a managerial position;
• University degree (S1) in relevant discipline (biology, forestry or equivalent);
• Good physical and mental fitness;
• Ability to keep a cool head in fast-paced, stressful situation;
• Self-motivated and able to work independently as well as part of a team;
• Ability to share knowledge and train people;
• Ability to delegate appropriately according to skills and abilities of staff;
• Judgment to know when to ask for help;
• Skills and preparedness to work in remote environments with difficult access to communication and basic needs (in the field);
• Ability to work under pressure with minimum supervision;
• Ability to recruit, manage and lead a multi‐ disciplinary and multi‐cultural team;
• Ability to liaise effectively with a largely external team of technical support staff;
• Ability to liaise with government and non-government institutions (communities, universities, etc.)
• Proficient computer skill in various MS Office applications (excel, word, powerpoint, outlook);
• Proficient with statistical software packages (e.g., SPSS);
• Experience in behavioural observation data collection, analysis and reporting required;
• Experience in survey techniques including data analysis and reporting is advantageous;
• Experience in proposal and funding application;
• Working knowledge of ArcGis or SMART is advantageous;
• Demonstrated ability to write for various audiences and good presentation skills;
• Proven ability to write a report with a good quality outputs and deliver it on time;
• Strong organization skills, time management, accuracy, attention to detail, and ability to manage multiple tasks;
• Good interpersonal skills, communication skills and pleasant personality;
• Ability to communicate and write in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

• Programme Management: develop and implementation (design programmes and budgets, defining outputs and activities, conducting monitoring and evaluation in order to deliver the strategic goals of the organisation);
• Ensuring the programme is appropriately funded and staffed;
• Liaising and maintaining relationships with government (authorities) and non government stakeholders (community engagement, collaboration with NGO’s or other non-governmental institutions, etc.)
• Developing and/or updating the behaviour data collection and monitoring system of orangutans pre and post release, ensuring appropriated observational data collection is conducted by the team members;
• Work together with pre/post coordinators and the Animal Management Team in preparing a reintroduction process of orangutans;
• Develop, update and implement pre/post coordinators rehabilitation and reintroduction SOPs;
• Supervise and assist the supervisors and coordinators in the pre- and post- release;
• Implement a new reintroduction station, including a camp and other needed facilities;
• Manage and oversee (via pre/post coordinators) data collection and analysis behavioural data of orangutans pre and post released;
• Evaluate orangutan adaptation progress pre and post released;
• Assess staff training needs and post training implementation;
• Ensure site management systems are standardized and replicable;
• Gather information and data for regular reports;
• Support translocation of orangutans;
• Provide support and work together with the survey team to conduct nest and habitat surveys and disseminate information;
• Help develop and oversee the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Orangutan Database (activity and food budgets, ranging patterns, day path lengths, etc.);
• Provide support in preparing and implementing capacity building and development of the Animal Management Staff (babysitter and animal keeper) and also pre/post monitoring teams;
• Facilitate researchers or guests

Interested candidates, please send your application along with a detailed CV to: /

or Jalan Ketapang–Tanjungpura, RT010 Dusun Pematang Merbau, Kecamatan Muara Pawan, Ketapang 78813, Kalimantan Barat

Deadline for submission by 30th June, 2015.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.


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