Infant Orangutan Rescued From Cage ‘the Size of a Cupboard’

by in Kliping Media 28 March, 2018

A 15-month-old infant orangutan has been rescued from a cage “the size of a cupboard” by a team from International Animal Rescue, who shared this content on March 19.

The animal, named Muaro, was a victim of the palm oil industry, rescue workers said, and was found by in an area that had been cleared to make way for a palm oil plantation.

He was kept in the small wooden cage for more than a year, they said, and was fed a diet of condensed milk and human food. International Animal Rescue wrote in a press release that, “although at first sight the baby didn’t seem to be in bad condition, a more thorough medical examination revealed that he was suffering from a skin disease and a respiratory problem.”

Muaro was brought to the International Animal Rescue facilities in Ketapang, West Borneo, to start a full recovery. He will meet other orangutans of the same age once he’s out of quarantine, and may eventually be returned back to the wild. Credit: International Animal Rescue via Storyful

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